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Drone Demonstration

Drones came to Merced College, and will be back soon!

Computer Science Club

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Brilliant Perspective

Learn more about drones and the company performing the demonstration

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For incoming Freshmen majoring in Computer Science and going to Stanislaus, and Merced College Computer Science transfer students that will be transferring to Stanislaus Learn More

Merced College Science Fair 2017 was a Success

It was held on Friday, April 7th

See the Winners!

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Computer Science

If you love games and figuring out things you will love Computer Science.


Want to figure out how the world works...then study physics


Want to invent something and mix up things in the lab, then take a look at Chemistry.


Information and Communication Technology...the hottest degree out there!


Like to solve math problems? Then check out becoming a Math Major.


Like to study living things, then check out Biology.


Do you like to invent things, and think about how to make things better, then check out Engineering.


Like rocks? Diamonds are rocks...check out Geology.

Electrical Engineering

Learn the skills on how to design and develop everything from complex power systems to electronic circuits.

Mechanical Engineering

Like to work with machines? Then take a look at our Mechanical Engineering degree.

Science Fair 2016 is over, check out the pics and winners!


About Science Fair 2016

Science Fair 2016 is now over, but the results and pictures are now posted....get ready for next year!!

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Example Projects

See some example projects, and get some ideas about your project. Projects can be anything, but special prizes to those that involve programming!