An AS-T, or Associate Transfer Degree, is a “degree with a guarantee.”  Which means that it is a degree that you receive from Merced College that guarantees you a place at a four-year State University, and that ALL 60 of your units will transfer, and that you will have Junior-Level status at that University, and you are given PRIORITY over other students transferring to that school.  California made this a law in Senate Bill 1440, which passed in September 2010.

Merced College is one of the first schools in the state to offer a Computer Science AS-T degree.

Classes necessary for a Computer Science AS-T degree:

  • CPSC-14/ENGR-14: C++ Programming
  • OR
  • CPSC-06: Programming Concepts and Methodology I
  • CPSC – 39: Programming Concepts and Methodology II
  • CPSC – 42: Computer Architecture and Organization
  • CPSC-07/MATH-07: Discrete Structures
  • MATH-04A: Calculus I
  • MATH-04B: Calculus II
  • PHYS-04A: Physics I
  • PHYS-04B: Physics II

Additional courses toward IGETC certification and transferable electives will apply. (Meaning that you have to do your IGETC or CSU breadth)

You should meet with a counselor to make your Ed-Plan; we have specialized STEM counselors to help you if you decide to choose a STEM degree.

Look on the class descriptions page for descriptions of these classes.  Also, make sure you know which semesters some of the classes are offered – some of our classes are only offered once a semester.

CPSC-14/ENGR-14: C++ Programming – only offered in FALL

CPSC-42: Computer Architecture – only offered in FALL

CPSC-07/MATH-07: Discrete Structures – only offered in SPRING