So if you have found this page then you are thinking about choosing Computer Science for your major, or are curious about why someone would choose Computer Science as their major of study.

Reason Number 1: You will make $Money$

According to many groups who conduct studies on highest lifetime earnings (this is how much money you will make in your lifetime) – Computer Science and Computer Engineering are always at the top of the list. ┬áCheck this out:



Reason Number 2: You will always have a job

The field of Computer Science has crossed all engineering fields, and programming has become integral in the use of computers by engineers.  Check out the stats on job growth:



Reason Number 3: You will have a respected career and will like your job

Computer Scientists are respected, and if you enjoy being around computers, making games, securing a network, being an entrepreneur, learning new things all of the time, helping others, and being on the fore-front of all new technology then you will enjoy being a computer scientist.